10 Useful Free Softwares for Windows 7

Useful Free Softwares

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Here are 10 useful free softwares for Windows 7.

Windows 7 Useful Free Softwares

Firefox: Mozilla Firefox is one of the best Internet browsers available online with its unbeatable speed and superior features. Among the best features is its integrated search engine and a tabbed browsing capability. This browser has more than 6,000 add-ons and plug-ins that will allow each user to enhance his browsing experience. This is one of most useful free softwares downloaded globally.

AVG Antivirus: This is by far the most popular and frequently used software around the world. Although, it is not the first software to come to mind when we talk of anti-virus software, what tilts the scales in its favor is that it is available free online.

PC Tools Firewall: A user-friendly program that will take you only a few minutes to master, this program is developed by PC tools, and is engineered and designed for beginners also. This application features a clean interface which is easy to understand and configure.

Malware bytes: Malware byte has brought about a revolution in the method of detecting and removing malware threats. It is capable of detecting and removing spywares that most other preventive softwares wouldn’t even detect.

CCleaner: CCleaner, one of the most useful free softwares in recent years, is a freeway application for Windows only which allows a user to better control his computer.

7-zip: This software is a file archiver having a high compression ratio and which can unpack a number of archive formats including TAR, GZ, and ZIP. Its native format is called 7Z. Although, this software takes time to do its work, its accuracy more than makes up for its slow rate.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker: A Tweak UI utility is employed for optimizing and tweaking Windows Vista and Windows 7. This software is free to download so that it can customize your Windows as per your requirements. It packs in more than 150 settings and tweaks. We need to just download the zip file, extract the folder contents and run the Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

IrfanView: IrfanView offers a number of tools for editing both multimedia forms and images with ease. Using techniques like cut and crop images, add effects, apply batch conversations, create panorama images and change individual colors without any complicated codes, this software with its added plug-in supporter works with a majority of video, image and sound formats.

Notepad++: This software allows its users to manage more than one document simultaneously. It has a very user-friendly interface for beginners as compared to other softwares available online. This great tool supports Tabs (just like on Chrome and Firefox) and enables the user to open more than one file at a time and is one of useful free softwares.

Picassa: Picassa is a free photo organizer and editor from Google family which is one of useful free softwares. Using this software, we can sort out pictures and photos easily online and distribute it to different folders and also share it with our family and friends. One can also edit pictures with the nice editing photo editing features of Picasa.

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